Founded in 2008, Cherry Cosmo has evolved as a successful private label manufacturer for beauty products. It trots its way to the peak under motivational leadership along with a team of dedicated and experienced professionals.

We are the proud owners of 5 flagship brands, namely, Bonjour Paris, Color Fever – an attitude in colors, OTG – Turn on the Heat, Must – not just leather and Statz. We specialize in providing an extensive range of makeup and accessories for all genres. Especially designed for the Indian market and keeping in mind the latest fashion wave, we get to your doorstep all the tools that will help you to keep pace with your beauty essentials.

Our Story

Since time immemorial, women have been applying all sorts of products as makeup to beautify themselves. Some of them proved to be very harmful and life threatening. In-spite of this do women stop using beauty products? No, they don’t!

The basis of Cherry Cosmo is to make Hazard -free makeup for YOU. We ensure that the best of ingredients go into the formulations. The final product is a combination of nurturing components in a blend of concentrated color pigments. “Color Cosmetics that Care” is our motto. It is our endeavor to make available a great palette of color for our women that allow them to match with the prevailing fashion trends and create their own signature style.

We, at Cherry Cosmo, endeavor to empower women to dare and believe in themselves by giving them the finest beauty products that care for them all day long.

“Makeup is our Passion”

Makeup epitomizes confidence and glamour. It has the power to transform your face. It gives you the freedom to experiment with your looks, go subtle or dramatic, it’s your choice. Isn’t that amazing! It does not matter whether you are a natural beauty or not. Every woman is passionately drawn towards beauty products.

We, at Cherry Cosmo, believe that no woman needs makeup to look beautiful and worthy. You are already both. We are here to enhance your beauty. Our range of cosmetics provides women with the tools they need to stay on trend in the ever-changing beauty world.

Makeup is for everyone, no matter what size or shape you are. Of course, certain shades are for certain skin tones, nevertheless, everybody can find a red for themselves. It’s our aim to bring about the creativity in every woman. We want every woman to feel like a girl every time she wears a bold red lipstick or mixes a few eye shadows to get the desired shade. Just like clothes, makeup reflects your moods. Cherry Cosmo passionately and diligently strives towards developing a fabulous range of beauty products that make you speak for yourself. Wear a pink when your happy, a red to make a bold statement, smoky black eyes………………... all these go a long way in expressing your inner feelings. And who can understand them better than Cherry Cosmo?

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Product Development

At Cherry Cosmo, product creation is done through an intensive research and development program. Our team of pharmacists continuously work on new recipes which nourish the skin with every application of makeup. Through innovation and creative development, we give our customers exciting products that spark their imagination. We are highly dedicated towards the study of feminine makeup requirements. We believe in providing our esteemed customers with the best of tools to adapt to every seasonal fashion trend.

Bonjour Paris Professional Counter Mumbai

Quality Management

Cherry Cosmo gives utmost importance to maintaining the quality of the products

  • All our products are FDA Approved
  • They undergo very strict Quality Check
  • Dermatologist & Ophthalmologist Tested
  • Gives 100% Makeup Coverage
  • Cruelty – Free
  • Vitamin “E” is an essential ingredient of most of the color cosmetics as it has anti-ageing properties and maintains the suppleness of skin.
  • Be it “Super Matt Lipstick” or foundation, our products do not cause dryness or chapping. The ingredients are suspended in a gentle formulation to impart absolute care.

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Our Aim

All women are Exceptional, makeup only adds to their beauty. We are here to help women to make their right choice. It is our goal to make their every makeup experience different and enjoyable. What more carry a stylish handbag / wallet / belt and flaunt your mood. We, at Cherry Cosmo, endeavor to create an E-Commerce platform which ensures that grooming, makeup and accessories is a reality at the click of a button!

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We are SPreading our wings firmly and steadily Pan India check out few Images for our Poster's and Banner's fixed in few store's.

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